A multi-racial team of management and field professionals, comprising youth-workers, social workers, counsellors, therapists and support personnel, form the staff at CARE. This team is responsible for the delivery of impactful services and programmes to our beneficiaries.


Executive Office

Executive Director Dr John K E Tan
Deputy Director, Therapy & Mental Wellness Services Lena Teo
Deputy Director, Youth Services and Training Derek Chan
Deputy Director, Enterprise Anthony Chng
Assistant Director, Administration Christine Lim
Senior Consultant and Co-Founder Adelyn Poh


Administrative & Resource Support

Training Lead Ignatius Koh
Executives, Stakeholder Engagement Sheryl Yue Yam Yisi
Cor Jiang Xinrui
Executive, Finance Mavis Koh
Executive, Operations Richmond Yong
Executive, Administrative Geraldine Soh
Maintenance Officer Irene Chua


Field Divisions

Mental Wellness and Therapy Division


  • Suria Bte Basri
  • Shayne Goh
  • Jacqueline Chan
  • Anita Kathirayson
  • Goh Wei Shen
  • Nur Faezah Binte Safaruan


Youth Services and Training Services

Team Leads

  • Ignatius Koh
  • Jerome Yeo
  • Shafik Bin Mohd Said
  • Joyce Ng
Asst. Team Leads

  • Al-Ansari
  • Elysia Lee
Youth Workers

  • Isabella Lee
  • Yuganesvaran
Youth Work Associates

  • Fong Jea Yee
  • Rin Ellyanie Binte Ramlan
Youth Work Assistants

  • Ong Xin Yi
  • Nurul Amirah bte Rosman
  • Elfi Sufiyanti binte Sunar

Special Projects

Primary School Project Team

  • Jerome Yeo (Lead)
  • Anita Kathirayson
  • Elysia Lee
  • Yuganesvaran
  • Nur Faezah Binte Safaruan
Mentoring Project

  • Joyce Ng (Lead)
  • Elfi Sufiyanti

Updated on Oct 2020